Marshall Julius

Marshall Julius


Marshall Julius is a veteran journalist, film critic, blogger, vlogger, author, broadcaster, collector and professional appreciator of all things geeky. When not reviewing for BBC Radio Oxford or YouTube’s Marshall at the Movies, he can mostly be found goofing around on Twitter.



More than a quiz book

Yes you can use this book as a Trivial Pursuits-type quiz book but it’s much more than that … it’s a trip down Cult TV, Movie & Comic Memory Lane of the last 50+ years. All those guilty pleasure sci-fi and monster movies you watch late at night, they are all in this book. Reading it just prompts memory after memory – along with lots of “I never new that!!!” reactions. Add in the personal memories and perspectives of the author – Marshall Julius – who displays a clear love and humorous respect for his subjects and you have a book that is a joy to read.’


Wonderful book, don’t hesitate to buy

‘This is a nerd/geek must. Marshall writes like he is sat beside you, pouring honesty and heart onto the page for you to enjoy in his introductions and answers. As a self-confessed and proud card-carrying nerd myself, this book tests my knowledge but equally fills me with new and exciting information. It was a must for me but also for anyone interested in learning about all the important stuff in life.’


‘This is a dangerous book. It is full of the answer to every geek’s question. Be warned – it will suck you in like a tractor beam and hours of your day will disappear whilst you are rendered incapable of putting it down.’

Gaz C.


‘This is an awesome quiz book to test your Vintage Geekness. Marshall has an amazing range of geek knowledge and a fantastic selection of celebrity buddies to call upon. Including Mark Hamill and Sam J. Jones. A huge range of topics including James Bond, Star Wars, Dr Who, Stephen King and The Simpsons. I knew quite a bit about a lot of topics, and pleased to answer some questions, but Marshall’s knowledge is immense. It really got my memory working overtime. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a geek, love films and TV, or just wants to battle against friends.’

D. H. Evans