Sharks: Investigating the Criminal Heart of the Global City


A risky reportage of the modern city’s streets and its dark markets from Scam City’s Conor Woodman.

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‘I can be guilty of getting caught up in things. Once I focus on a goal, I find it hard to let go of the race to get it. But right now, I’m having to consider the very real possibility that my search for the truth beneath this city is going to get me hurt. This situation has become way too unpredictable for comfort …’

Curious about the modern love affair with criminal personalities, investigative reporter Conor Woodman spent four years exploring the hidden depths of dynamic cities across the globe. Sharks takes us on a journey through the lawless backstreets of cities as diverse as Mumbai, Bogotá, New Orleans, Barcelona and London. In each he uncovers the people and the scams that keep the global black economy moving.

From dice games in steamy southern states to torture in British suburbs, from the sharp end of currency counterfeiting in Buenos Aires to the terrible truth behind antique forgery in the Middle East, Conor investigates who really runs these cities, who they are exploiting and what local corruption allows them to thrive. A truly hair-raising read.

‘I start asking questions. How do you do this? How do you get away with it? How much money do you make from it? Who supports you? Who resists you? And what happens to the people who resist you?’

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From 27 March 2018, this book will be available in massmarket paperback with the title The Scam Hunter.