Bruce Fogle

Bruce Fogle

Memoir | Animals & Nature

Barefoot at the Lake is veterinarian Bruce Fogle’s first memoir. Best known as a prolific author of pet care books and travel narratives Bruce is Canadian by birth and has lived and worked in London since the sixties when there were still cows to be treated in West London dairies. He opened The London Vet Clinic forty years ago and has been treating generations of pets ever since. His pet-care guides with Dorling Kindersley have been published around the world, in multiple languages, making him the world’s bestselling pet-care author.



Excellent account of cottage days without gadgets

‘I spent two or three Julys at a cottage my parents rented on Cedar Bay in the early 60s. We did many of the same things Bruce did when he was there a few years earlier. This book brought back many fond memories. I drove out to Cedar Bay the other day and while much has changed, some things remain the same. Thanks for a wonderful summer read.’

D. C.

Sweet reminiscences of summer on the lake

‘Thoughtful stories that resonate through all our summer memories. He brings us all back to remember the people who helped us grow into adulthood.’


Barefoot at the Lake is a gentle and tender book about the special connection the author had with his Uncle Reub, a doctor who spent one summer, in his white shirt with suspenders and a handkerchief on his head, at the author’s family cottage. Uncle Reub is fascinated by Lakota Sioux Indian stories and using those stories quietly educates his nephew about the natural world around them. I am a nature guide in California and am impressed at how well versed the author or his uncle (I don’t know which one) is in nature lore. Fogle writes with deep affection for the lake and the country. This is a beautiful book and makes me wonder what he feels now when he revisits his family cottage. I particularly liked the sense of wonder at nature, and the unfolding of the relationship with his uncle.’