Emily Stott

Emily Stott

Fashion | Memoir

Emily Stott is a freelance fashion journalist and personal stylist. She has been a mystery shopper for fifteen years during which time she has also worked for Thomas Pink. She says the hardest working item in her wardrobe is her heat tech vest – and the moth repellent. Emily lives in Battersea, London, with her son.


If you love shopping, if you’re interested in retail

‘If you’re someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s, if you love shopping, if you’re interested in retail, or if you just like great writing then BUY THIS BOOK. you won’t regret it … it’s a fascinating insight into how brands and stores try to get into our wallets, with great tips on how to buy what you want rather than what they want. But the best bit is the memoir and the nostalgia trip you get to go on with the author. Fabulous.’


Enjoyable and Educational

‘Reading this book is like spending a warm afternoon at a table outside a nice pub, with a bottle of rosé, in the company of an articulate and charming woman, talking animatedly on a subject that she loves and knows very well. Enjoyable and educational!’


“Really funny and informative read about the history of so many well known brands. Mystery shopping anecdotes are hilarious.”


“Fantastic read! I am so having a wardrobe clear out.”


“I must be about 10 years older than the author, so I was constantly looking back over my shoulder as she describes each stage of her own shopping evolution and thinking, ‘Oh yes, I do remember that, but I had moved on to… x, y, z’. This was very enjoyable, and I found the whole book evocative of the golden age of the high street from the 1970s to the 90s. For any committed high street shopper it is full of deja vu moments, written in a lovely, fresh simple prose style. It’s a great slice of direct social observation, but also a vivid account of a young girl’s progress towards womanhood. Touching and self-effacing – I hope there will be more from this author.”


“I absolutely loved this book! It is funny, well written and very informative. I loved remembering all the fashions from my youth and a few of my fashion disasters too! I really liked how the book took you on a journey but I also learnt lots about the fashion industry too, it was a great read.”