Ros Belford

Ros Belford

Memoir | Travel

Ros Belford spends her time between Salina, Siracusa and Cambridge and is the author of numerous guidebooks to Italy, Sicily and the Mediterranean. She has written articles on travel and food for many magazines and newspapers and is the Telegraph’s Sicilian travel expert. She has made radio programmes for the BBC and contributed to several podcasts.

‘Immensely enjoyable.’

Chris Stewart, author of Driving Over Lemons

‘I’m not surprised Ros Belford found herself at home on Salina, a little island near Sicily full of poets. Her account of raising two young daughters there is as fresh and as sharp as a salted caper, and as warm as the Sicilian sun. Beautiful prose and a brilliantly adventurous story.’


‘Thank you, Ros Belford! This delightful memoir has brought back to me the wonder, the excitement and the challenges that come with embracing a new life in Sicily.’

Mary Taylor Simeti, author of On Persephone’s Island

‘A joyous tale of following one’s dreams, despite the obstacles.’

Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller


Children of the Volcano follows the journey of an open-hearted, keen-eyed and intrepid young mother as she seeks to create a rich and meaningful life for herself and her two small daughters on a remote Sicilian island. Ros Belford’s vivid portrayals of Salina and its inhabitants are a delight to read, while her observations about the challenges and rewards of making a home in that near-mythical place are both enchanting and inspiring.’

Jean Hegland, author of Into the Forest


‘I absolutely adored this book – having lived in the South of Italy, I loved the sense of immersion in the sights and sensations of island life; the sea, the food, the changing seasons, and the constant, ambivalent presence of the volcano. The challenges, misunderstandings and joys of discovering a new way of living are conveyed with humour and passion, and Izzy and Juno emerge vividly from the pages, as do the friends (and antagonists) Ros makes on the island. I’m still thinking of Salina, and of the excellent company found there and in the pages of this book.’

Sarah Brooks, author of The Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands