Sonja Bajic

Sonja Bajić

Humour | Self-development

Sonja Bajić was born in 1985 in Yugoslavia. While never leaving her street, she changed her country four times. Sonja uses the stories she hears, writes or loves to create all kinds of drawings and illustrations. Her architectural background is often reflected in her love for maps that she also draws on a daily basis. Today, after living in Serbia, Italy and Germany, Sonja works from Paris, France. She’s been up the Eiffel Tower 694 times.

What My Girlfriends Told Me


Cleaver, inspiring, artistic and real

‘This collection of bits of advice exchanged among friends reveals a portrait of the ways that every woman’s group of friends supports and motivates her. The remarks range from the seemingly trivial (my favorites being about cheesecake and always having an umbrella) to the deeply profound. The disjointed moments captured are relatable and witty. It is both delightful to flip through and a serious read. I walked away from it wanting to give it to every one of my friends to thank each of them for their support and friendship. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’


Funny, touching and insightful

This little gem of a book is such a delight. I read half of it in one sitting when I received it – I didn’t want to put it down! Each little page and matching illustration is filled with funny, touching and insightful little tidbits of wisdom about love and life. I loved it so much, I just ordered several more copies – one for each of my girlfriends!’


‘Girl power! A statement in this big bad world of ours that no matter what, you can turn to the wisdom of the lady loves in your life to make sure everything will be ok! Without our girlfriends, what would life really be?! Sonja captures the essence of what girlfriends are and the best advice they give!!’


‘This book is just an absolute delight! The quotes range from being emotional and uplifting to silly and flat out hysterical. Each flip through the pages brings about a different feeling depending on your mood. Really a great book to have in your collection.’


‘I absolutely adore this book- it’s full of thought provoking, wise and often hilarious gems. The illustrations and layout make it feel like you’re getting every bit of useful advice you ever needed to hear. I’ve bought copies for all my girlfriends!’