Teun Toebes

Teun Toebes

Social Welfare | Care of the Elderly

As the eldest in a family of four with a mother who is a nurse, care has always been part of Teun Toebes life. So, the choice to study Higher Vocational Education nursing and Care Ethics and Policy was a logical step – the choice to work with people living with dementia was not. During a compulsory internship, he was introduced to dementia care and has not been able to let go of it since.

Currently, Teun contributes to dementia care by not only observing and studying people living with dementia, but by living with them permanently on the closed ward in a nursing home. He focuses on having fun and maintaining personal contact with all his housemates to create moments of happiness and thus improve their quality of life.

Teun is a young and passionate co-founder and ambassador of the Article 25 Foundation. He often appears in the media and is seen as an inspiring face of dementia care in Europe. Teun has won several awards for his work and initiatives, strengthening his mission to make dementia care more humane worldwide.