BBC Woman’s Hour welcomes Sharon Blackie

Did you catch September author Dr Sharon Blackie talking about how to age well on BBC Woman’s Hour this weekend?

We are all ageing, if we’re lucky, so in this Woman’s Hour special programme, a panel of expert guests explores how women can age well.

Anita Rani is joined by women of different ages to talk about the possibility of re-invention and the wisdom of age, as well as the difficulties and barriers women face as they get older.

What can we learn from each other and how can women of different generations support each other?

Author and psychologist, Dr Sharon Blackie’s book, Hagitude: Reimagining the Second Half of Life, explores stories of little-known but powerful elder women in European myth and folklore – with the hope of inspiring women now.

She joins Anita to discuss what we can learn from these stories and the power she feels we can gain if we embrace getting older.

If you missed it, you can catch up via BBC Sounds now