Brutal London – a new book for December

We are delighted to announce that we will be publishing BRUTAL LONDON by Simon Phipps on 1 December. This is a collection of Simon’s stunning photography of inner London buildings in the architectural style of raw concrete known as Brutalism. Designed by A Practice for Everyday Life, an iconic, tactile and desirable book.


If you’d like to see Simon Phipps’s photographs before December, do call into his exhibition Béton Brut at The Foundry Gallery in Chelsea, London. Some photos have been strikingly screen printed onto brushed aluminium, and others are shown in a new light against backdrops of block colour in paints by – very fittingly – Les Couleurs Le Corbusier.


BRUTAL LONDON was commissioned and edited by Ed Griffiths, a freelance consultant we are very pleased to have onboard.