Ethical Vegan: A Personal and Political Journey to Change the World


A compelling exploration of veganism – the politics and philosophy behind a deeply personal choice.

‘Powerful and poignant.’

Virginia McKenna OBE, Born Free

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‘Ethical veganism is not just a diet. Not just an opinion; nor a trend. This is a 21st-century revolution which began more than twenty centuries ago.’

Ethical veganism is not only about the food you choose to consume, it is a coherent philosophical belief that affects most areas of your life, and which could be the answer to today’s global crises.

Jordi Casamitjana is the vegan zoologist and animal protection campaigner whose landmark Employment Tribunal in 2020 made ethical veganism a protected belief in Great Britain. Ethical Vegan describes Jordi’s extraordinary life and the animal encounters which led him to veganism and legal victory. It debunks myths and dispels preconceptions, offering a comprehensive analysis of veganism as a philosophy and as a socio-political transformative movement. Taking in history, science and everyday living, it explores how it is possible to dress ethically, travel, consume and work responsibly and, of course, eat well without compromising vegan ethics.

Ethical Vegan is a riveting read – Jordi Casamitjana argues passionately for humans to interact with the world in a positive and compassionate way. This thought-provoking manifesto for ‘doing no harm’ has the power to open people’s minds and help to achieve a better future for all living things and the planet.

‘With Jordi Casamitjana’s lucid storytelling interspersed with ancient wisdom and empirical evidence, this book can illuminate our understanding of what it means to be vegan in much the way Yuval Noah Harare’s Sapiens explained what it is to be a modern human. As informative as it is incisive, as inspiring as it is inviting, this book will become one of the stand-out pieces of literature in the animal liberation movement. A must read whether you are vegan, vegetarian or otherwise!’

Joel ‘Jay Brave’ Bravette, sustainability champion and trustee of The Vegan Society and Made In Hackney youth ambassador


‘An incredibly comprehensive guide to what it means to be an ethical vegan, from its historical origins to the practicalities of everyday modern life. Jordi’s court case means that the beliefs of ethical vegans, quite rightly, have to be respected. A book like this is really helpful for anyone who wants to understand why.’

Kerry McCarthy MP


‘A personal journey and one of the most important stories in veganism today. Jordi Casamitjana’s Ethical Vegan dives into the deep past of our relationship with animals, from Buddhist ethics to Taoist wisdom to the latest social and cognitive science. He explores what it means to live ethically alongside non-human beings. I loved this book for its generous telling of his legal battle to win recognition for veganism in the workplace, its wide ranging sources, and the way in which Casamitjana pinpoints what we need to do now to make the world better for animals, including us humans.’

Dr Alex Lockwood, academic and author


‘Jordi Casamitjana’s remarkable life story will inspire you to think and act not just differently but with compassion that will positively transform your life and the world round you … Everyone should read this book.’

Kim Stallwood, animal advocate and author of Growl

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