Pests in Houses Great & Small: Identification, Prevention, Eradication


This invaluable English Heritage handbook gives a full but concise guide to the key pest species that commonly infest historic houses, and solutions for dealing with them.

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Pests can be damaging, annoying or even dangerous, causing untold damage to precious possessions and sometimes the structure of buildings themselves.

This new English Heritage guide focuses on these destructive pests and includes:

  • Clear photography to aid identification of pest species
  • Practical pest management strategies
  • A cutaway drawing of an infested house to locate pest trouble spots
  • Information about pests new to the UK
  • Case studies from conservators on the front line
  • An action checklist

Written by leading heritage experts in clear, accessible language with helpful illustrations, this book provides a concise but comprehensive guide to the key pest species that commonly cause damage when they infest houses and collections. It gives solutions for dealing with them and – crucially – shows you how to stop the pests returning.