Ways to Walk in London: Hidden Places and New Perspectives


An inspiring collection of walks, notes and artworks, revealing London’s multiple layers and different moods.

‘A brilliantly personal, beautifully illustrated book.’


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Do you choose to walk rather than take the tube? Do you prefer to stroll at dusk and when the day first begins? Do you like to wander streets, rivers or hills? Many of us consciously choose walking as a mode of transport and a way to think.

Deliberate, mindful walking is how Alice Stevenson, an established illustrator and artist, navigates London and survives its challenges. Her experiences, insights and city knowledge have come together to create a beautiful, unofficial guide book to London’s lesser-known parts. From the far reaches of canals and rivers, to historic churchyards and back streets Alice has explored the four corners of this immense city.

In Ways to Walk in London she writes about and illustrates those moments of beauty and urbanity, contemplation and revelation. Her unique eye finds hidden doorways, decorated arches and meaningful manhole covers across the city. A book for those who love walking, and for those who love the city.

‘An attractive gift book or inspiring manual of perambulation for anyone who spends too many hours indoors.’



Ways to Walk in London is her enchanting tribute to the city, combining sparkling insights and gorgeous illustrations to capture places and moments of beauty, contemplation and wonder.’



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