50 Things About Us: What We Really Need to Know About Britain


A fast and furiously funny journey through our national memory by the UK’s best respected, longstanding, left-wing activist comedian. 


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A fast and furiously funny journey through our national memory.

‘Patriotism is often the point where history and advertising intersect, and it was that brand of nationalism that Rees-Mogg and Johnson attempted to sell. It is a brand that can only hark backwards; a nostalgic nationalism built on half histories and wishes … The kind of patriotism where the poetry of John Betjeman sits alongside blaming migrants for TB.

But that is not our story. In fact, it is far from the narrative so many of us are a part of.’

50 Things About Us is about money, history, songs, gongs, wigs, unicorns, guns, bungs, sods of soil and rich fuckers. From self-delusions about size and stature to deceptions around the living links between empire, slavery, money and power, this is Mark Thomas’ quest to remind us of the true and shared greatness of modern Britain.

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