The Healing Power of Nature: Vincent van Gogh


With quotations from his letters paired with lesser-known images, The Healing Power of Nature is testament to the immense influence the natural world had on Vincent van Gogh.

‘What I find beautiful is everywhere here. That’s to say, there is peace here.’ 

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‘One thing I tell you, that this countryside has the effect on me of bringing me peace, faith, courage …’

A captivating collection of Van Gogh's lesser-known images, chosen largely from sketchbooks and letters. The Healing Power of Nature is testament to the immense influence the natural world had on Vincent van Gogh; from the restorative, calming effect of rural landscapes to the stimulation and joy he found in natural beauty.

Each image is accompanied by an insightful quote from his letters, showing how nature is a source of great healing and inspiration to us all, connecting us with the peace and beauty of our surroundings and with a sense of something even greater.

‘… I console myself by reconsidering the sunflowers.’

‘This is a beautiful collection … [Van Gogh] shows how nature can be calming, restorative and bring joy and inspiration to us all. Through his images and words he can connect us with the world, the healing power of nature, leaving us with a sense of something greater than just squiggles or blobs of colour on a page. He is truly a master of art and writing.’


‘A gorgeous mixture of art and words ... Such a lovely collection.’



The Healing Power of Nature is a work of art in itself. It’s a beautifully produced book with wonderful reproductions of some of van Gogh’s paintings, sketches and letters … best enjoyed sitting in the sunshine listening to birds singing, bees buzzing and the wind rustling the leaves of the trees.’



‘Gorgeous and gifty.’

Caroline Sanderson, The Bookseller

Also available in ebook.