The Witch’s Survival Guide in Best Magazine

September’s resident Green Witch writer Jennifer Lane has been featured in the Spring issue of Best Magazine.

In conversation with self-confessed sceptic, Kim Willis, Jennifer shares how spells, rituals and elemental magick can be invaluable for dealing with the stress and strain of twenty-first century life.  

Using top tips from her recent title The Witch’s Survival Guide, Jennifer persuades Kim to take back control of her busy life by tapping into the deep power of the natural world through guided spell work to fight overwhelm, blast away a depressive funk and find calm. 

As Kim learns during the process:

‘Witchcraft is about taking the time to tap into the energy of the universe, respect nature, slow down and think about exactly how your future will unfold.’

To hear more from Jennifer, check out her Substack The Green Witch Writer.