The Wheel is published!

Congratulations to Jennifer Lane on the publication of The Wheel: A Witch’s Path Back to the Ancient Self.

On a trip to London, Jennifer was able to visit various bookstores to sign copies. Look out for them in Atlantis Bookshop, Treadwell’s and Watkins Books.

Next week will see Jennifer signing books at her local The Book Case in Hebden Bridge.

Love is already being shared online for The Wheel:

‘Jennifer open and honest and totally relatable to all us witches in the hustle and bustle of the working life. She’s vulnerable in what she shares and made me feel heard. Without even speaking … She shines like a beacon throughout this book. Everything she has managed and shares is totally relatable and for me personally she has spoken to my soul.’


The Wheel is a wonderful, magical autumnal read and hugely beneficial for people having experienced toxic work environment and their health damaged as a result of that. Also it is a great read for those interested in the connection between the natural world and humans, in the ancient rituals, beliefs of our ancestors and their impact on our contemporary life in a modern society. I am in love with this gem.’


With press to come in the Observer among others, and Halloween around the corner, expect to see much more of this beautiful, magickal book.